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Partners in care

We believe everyone deserves access to the medications they need.

That's the mission Blue Sky was born for, and every day we work to make it happen.

It's why we put technology to work, creating portals for patients, physicians, payers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet their unique, evolving needs.

It's why we streamline, centralize, and personalize communication. So patients are more informed, supported, and empowered in every step of their healthcare journey. Physicians and staff are freed from the burdens of administration to focus on patients. And, so payers and manufacturers are confident knowing their clients are cared for, adherence and compliance are higher, and outcomes are better.

It’s why if we can’t service a patient, we connect them with a pharmacy that can. It’s why we believe in giving back by donating our time to local charities and support organizations that believe healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

In the simple act of putting people first, we do more than inspire our team or serve our clients. We transform our industry. We uplift, empower, and equalize.

We clear the clouds — to reveal a bright blue sky.

“Blue sky specialty pharmacy is first class. They provide easy, quick, and personable service helping achieve your health needs. Thank you Blue Sky!”

Alejandro S., MD

“I can’t say enough great things about blue sky. The rep Michelle helped me every step of the way. She even went out of her way driving from Mount Pleasant SC to Cottageville SC to bring me my medicine so I would not miss any of the doses. She also talked to me several times on the phone. I thank God for Blue Sky and all there help.”

Laura S., Patient

“We have been using Blue Sky at our practice for 16 months now. The transition went very smooth with Blue Sky and the representative for our office has always been available and ready to fix anything we needed. They fax us and keep us posted on the whole process. If they can not fill the medication after they have done the PA for us, they send it to where it needs to go and let us know. They take a huge load off the office and it helps ensure that our patients get their medication in a timely manner. Blue Sky has tremendously helped our practice for the benefit of us and the patients.”

Courtney G, LPN

“I really enjoy working with you all. Always on top of everything. Great work!”

Tiffany F., LPN

“Anyone in need of specialty or regular medication has, I’m sure, experienced challenges with insurance, pharmacies, and doctors, in an effort to get prescriptions filled and delivered on time. Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy not only facilitates the process efficiently, in a timely manner, and delivers medications seamlessly, they do so with the patient’s interest at the foremost. They have helped me navigate the sometimes difficult path.”

Cristina D., Patient

“I LOVE YOU and Blue Sky...I love Blue Sky because of YOU and all you do to help me, my physicians and my patients. You go above and beyond and keep in the loop! That is why I stay loyal!”

Geri B., RN

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Your clients are our clients, too. That's why we're committed to serving you both with excellence.

*Or you can contact us via text message. To do so, please text 854-888-6521 with your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Medication Name.