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Blue Sky
Specialty Pharmacy

In the complicated world of prescriptions and healthcare, we knew there was a better way. So we created it — by putting patients right where they belong: FIRST.

The Blue Sky Difference

We’re here to clear the clouds — and help you get what you need, when you need it, easily.

Support every step of the way

We’ll keep you informed and provide support along every step of your journey. So, you’ll know as soon as your prescription is approved, filled, and on its way to you.

A caring, experienced clinical team

For us, helping you navigate your healthcare journey means much more than filling a prescription. It means providing you with education and insight about your disease. It means translating complicated benefits and coverage information. It means helping you take advantage of cost-saving programs. And it means listening and supporting you when you need it most.

Communication that fits your life

We’re here to make communication easy — in a way that fits best your life. Empowered by our easy-to-use journey feed, you’ll be able to effortlessly engage with your care team, check your status, track your shipment, and manage your health.

A company committed to healthcare for all

We believe everyone deserves access to the pharmacy care they need. That’s why we donate our free time to local charities and support likeminded organizations who believe that healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

Get ready to feel better


Need a vacation from the prior authorization process?

Our experienced team of clinicians guide and manage patients throughout their healthcare journey — from prior authorizations and copays to insurance plan selection, cost savings enrollment and medication delivery.


Beyond core services — far beyond

From copay enrollments, PAP, and insurance programs to insurance plan counseling, benefits investigation, education, RX transfers and support, we go where others simply can’t go.


The care your clients deserve

With our easy-to-use journey feed, education, and support, patients are more informed, more confident, and more engaged in their health. What’s more, we’ve got the robust data to demonstrate it — in efficiency, adherence, compliance, and positive outcomes.


On a mission to empower and uplift patients

Prescriptions and healthcare can be confusing and complicated, but they don’t have to be. So we simplified it all — by putting patients right where they belong: first.

Ready to get started with Blue Sky? Support starts here.

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Your clients are our clients, too. That's why we're committed to serving you both with excellence.

*Or you can contact us via text message. To do so, please text 854-888-6521 with your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Medication Name.